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Investment in the field of construction

Investing in the construction industry can be attractive for several reasons. Below are some reasons for choosing to invest in the construction industry:

Profitability potential: The construction industry has high profitability potential due to population growth, urbanization development and the increasing need for housing and business. By investing in this industry, you can enjoy independent growth and development and earn significant profits.

Stability and stability: Construction is known as a stable and basic industry. Due to the outstanding demand for housing and business, the demand for construction projects will be stable. This can assure you that investing in this industry minimizes the possibility of lack of customers and lack of sustainability. 

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Which is better for investment?
Apartment, villa, business,...

The choice between investing in an apartment, villa or business unit depends on the following and should be determined according to your goals and conditions:

Investment objective: If your investment objective is stable and stable income, investing in apartments and commercial units can be suitable. Renting apartments and commercial units usually provides a significant improvement in monthly income.

Risk and affordability: Villas are generally less exposed to market fluctuations due to their recreational nature. Also, villas are usually located in areas that experience less urbanization and construction changes.

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Special Offers (limited Time)




Al Mouj Saraï provides the perfect symmetry between absolute privacy in your bespoke palace, and exceptional accessibility to Al Mouj Muscat – the most coveted address in Oman

Only 28 magnificent waterfront palaces, nestled at the crest of Al Mouj Muscat, where the glistening sea plays the most divine symphony, the cool breeze ruffles the flowering waves, and the sun beckons to admire its perfect reflection.

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The idyllic Jinan Island blissfully balances sublime natural beauty and refined urban living in this limited collection of grand and luxury villas – homes that inspire the senses and offer new dimensions in exclusivity.

Experience heavenly harmony as you immerse yourself in the pleasure of luxury lakeside living surrounded by the pure perfection of nature.
Introducing the Jinan Island Private Collection of grand and luxury villas, each stunning home in this residents only gated neighborhood is a haven of serenity, style and sophistication.

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Al Mouj Muscat, Oman’s inspired lifestyle and leisure destination, is proud to present Al Mouj Golf Business Park – the latest addition to its exceptional real estate portfolio. Designed for success, this well-connected state-of-the-art park has been created to help you make the most of national, regional and international opportunities.

Set in a spectacular oceanfront, award-winning golf course setting with panoramic views of the majestic Al Hajar Mountains, Al Moui Golf Business Park enjoys a phenomenal location, one that is truly unique in the region. It is also at the heart of the thriving Al Mouj Muscat community, and benefits from immediate access to an affluent market and offers an enviable work environment for you, Windows and your team.

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100%  ownership

By purchasing from Royal Golf Company, you will own 100% of it by obtaining residency in Oman, and you will be able to sell it with powerful Omani currency at any time.

Installment sales

At Real Estate Agency we have fixed price fees. This means we only charge when your home sale is confirmed.

Buy from an official dealer

By buying from Royal Golf Company, you will be sure that you will experience a purchase without intermediaries and increases due to intermediary rates.

Capital growth

All real estate experts admit that due to the range of projects and the limitation in the number and capacity of the market, the growth is higher than the average market including these projects.

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